Gather unique experiences by visiting some of the following sights, that are in a short distance from Maria Kiparissi Rooms:

– Mountain Athos, where you can take a small cruise arount mount Athos. Men can actually visit the monasteries, but women are not allowed.

– Ancient Stageira, the birthplace of philosopher Aristotle, where you can visit the remains of this ancient settlement. Do not forget to visit Olympiada where you can swim or drink an ouzo by the sea.

– Aristotle Park, a unique theme park, where you can see interactive experimental instruments operating the rules of physics that are mentioned in Aristotle’s textbooks and especially in the one called “The Naturals”. Compas, telescope, prism, sun clock, lens are some of them.

– Alistrati’s Cave, witch is consider to be one of the greatest in Greece.

– the traditional villages Vrasna and Anw Stavros with narrow, steep streets and stone houses.

– the Folklore Museum of Vrasna where you can see tools and materials that people used many decades ago.

– the Museum of Amphipolis where you can see the ancient findings from the area.

– Ancient Philippoi an important archeological sight, with characteristic monuments of Hellenistic, Roman and early Christian period.

– Thessaloniki, Kavala, Drama, Serres which are approximately one hour from Nea Vrasna. There you can go for shopping or to visit some great monuments.