Paralia Vrasna

Paralia Vrasna is a tourist resort located only 80 km away from the cities of Thessaloniki and Kavala.

The sandy beach of Paralia Vrasna is annually awarded with the Blue Flag. The visitor can relax by taking a swim in the green waters of Strymonikos, under the supervision of lifeguards offered by the municipality, and enjoy an iced coffee at the perfect beach with loungers free of charge.    Visitors can also enjoy themselves in calm or hectic tunes depending on their preferences, at great restaurants, cafes and bars on the sea shore.

For the lovers of greek ancient culture, we suggest to pay a visit in Stageira, the birth city of Aristotle, the ancient caslte in Makedonika Tempe (near to the village Rendina). You can also visit the Museum of Amphipolis a few kilometers away from this area.

For the funs of alternative tourism, we strongly recommend you to use the hiking and biking trails in Makedonika Tempe and the Monastery of St. George in Kerdylia Mountains.