Spa of Nea Apollonia

Approximately 25 km west of Vrasna Beach and Nea Vrasna, in the old national road Thessaloniki – Kavala, are the Therapeutic Baths of Nea Apollonia. The natural beauty of the spa town, next to lake Volvi and its lakeside forest , offers its visitor the required healing treatment.

The healing properties of spa Nea Apollonia offer solutions to the following illness:

  • + Sciatica,
  • + Backache,
  • + Rheumatism,
  • + Diseases of the locomotor system,
  • + Nerve palsy,
  • + Cervical syndrome,
  • + Osteoporosis,
  • + Gynecological disorders,
  • + Revitalization of the General Organization.

More information about the Therapeutic Baths Nea Apollonia can be found here: